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Cultural Reflectionism

Join our anti-racist reflective education program, EuroCentric Cultural Reflection (ECCR).


This course was created to go beyond what is acceptable in the pursuit of equity, equality, diversity, and inclusionary practices. ECCR provides a different view of racism and supremacy that allows for "Racial Recognition" among all participants. This provocative study of self-awareness and cultural practices challenges individual beliefs and embedded ideologies regarding racial identity, racial perceptions, and race relations.



Read more about ECCR in this MC Weekly headline article released June 8th, 2023

Knowledge Brings Change

At Black Leaders and Allies Collaborative, we bring individuals, organizations, and local leaders together to work towards and achieve the vision of a unified, equitable, and equal society.

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Banner of Reconciliation

One of our greatest missions is to help make into law a bill that provides the equal display and protection of the use and flying of the Pan- African Flag as a symbol of admission, acceptance, inclusion, and hope for reconciliation as it relates to race relations and the people of this country. ​ Please read more about and sign our petition to help bring about change.

Work with Us

Help us ensure people are connecting, growing, and making changes that positively impact our Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities.

Meet the Team

Meet our Board of Directors and the team we're building.

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Every dollar helps. Make an eligible Non-Profit Donation to BLAAC.

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Interested in Joining our Community? Let's get you started.

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