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Cultural Reflectionism

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Student Testimonials


Prior to ECCR I have not participated in DEI training. Thank you. I could have gone on not knowing what I am seeing/experiencing, now I have understanding and can heal a little. The platform is real.  I appreciate the experience. It is a necessary tool.  Effective, informative with opportunity for change.


Prior to ECCR I have participated in DEI training. I worked in a diverse higher education campus community (CSU East Bay) and I was a Financial Aid Counselor. I attended many events that promoted DEI. My experience in this course was life-changing, and I believe that I can benefit from ECCR Part 2, as well as alumni events. Thank you!

ECCR Alumni Survey

In our 2023 ECCR Alumni Survey, 63% of all students responded to our questionnaire giving us their feedback on the course.

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